We offer a variety of services. If one doesn’t match your needs, contact us and we can make referrals or figure out something that works for you and your family.

All packages include unlimited email and text support for duration of service and for one month after services end.

Family and Caregiver ABA Services

At Blooming Abilities, LLC, we are committed to providing the compassionate services to help families. It takes a village to raise children and we would love to become a little piece of your village to help you develop parenting strategies that align with your parenting values.

a) Virtual Group Caregiver Training: six week course that includes short (approximately 30 minutes) videos, homework assignments and weekly one hour live meetings

b) Virtual Individual Caregiver Training: six week course that includes short (approximately 30 minutes) videos, homework assignments, weekly one hour live meetings on the topic and four additional virtual consultations

c) Private 1:1 BCBA consultation for caregiver or legally consenting client

ABA Organization Consultation: ABA businesses are just beginning to recognize serious issues within the field of applied behavior analysis, primarily with regards to ableism and the treatment of people with disabilities. There are many other areas of oppression and power that organizations usually need to examine to become better, ethical and humanistic. As pioneers in the area of ABA reform, we can offer consultation for your organization to foster a way forward for deconstructing areas of oppression. We do not offer autism specific consultation, but have a list of great autistic consultants who can offer that service. Instead we come from a family centered, child development, decolonialized perspective with specialization in trauma and a very strong background in ABA and contextual behavior sciences. We can develop a training and mentoring package to meet your organization or individual needs. * 1:1 Mentoring determined on an individual basis *

School consultation: With many years of experience in the school setting, Blooming Abilities, LLC knows that teachers are weighed heavily with important tasks. That’s why we believe that school intervention needs to match the unique needs of a classroom and teachers. Whether you need services to help in crisis situations or just regular consultation with classrooms and teachers to keep things successful and trouble shoot small problems before they get bigger, Blooming Abilities, LLC is ready to help.

BCBA/BCaBA Supervision: Providing supervision for potential BCBAs that encompasses the knowledge of the problematic history of ABA, the continued problems with ABA and how to think critically and flexibly when using behavior analytical principals with families and in the disability community and in life in general. At Blooming Abilities, we focus on contextual behavior science and ABA’s integration into that field of science and thinking. Deconstructing colonialist, ableist and sexist norms are prioritized.