We offer a variety of parent training services. If one doesn’t match your needs, contact us and we can make referrals or figure out something that works for you and your family.

Our Parent Training Service

All services include unlimited text and email support for the duration of services and one month afterwards.

Family and caregiver focused services:

At Blooming Abilities, we are committed to providing the compassionate services to help families. It takes a village to raise children and we would love to become a little piece of your village to help you develop parenting strategies that align with your parenting needs. We prefer to use the term coaching since ABA has many systemic problems we would like to operate outside of and offer alternatives to ABA.

Individual and Group BCBA mentoring:

As our culture continues working towards understanding and dismantling social oppression and oppressive systems, the field of ABA has been one system which has been slow to make gains and contend with its many methods of upholding these systems. We work with those who genuinely want to learn to see things in a different way and be creative in imagining possibilities. We work  from a perspective of contextual behavioral sciences and relational frame theory.

School consultation:

With many years of experience in the school setting, Blooming Abilities, knows that teachers are weighed heavily with important tasks. That’s why we believe that school intervention needs to match the unique needs of a classroom and teachers. Whether you need services to help in crisis situations or just regular consultation with classrooms and teachers to keep things successful and trouble shoot small problems before they get bigger, Blooming Abilities is ready to help.

IEP Assistance:

When your child enters the special education system in public schools, the meetings, people and terminology can be daunting and intimidating. Blooming Abilities, LLC can help you understand your IEP, help develop goals and attend IEPs with you to help make sure all your concerns and suggestions are heard and documented. We can help guide you through problem solving situations where you do not agree with the IEP.

parent training

BCBA/BCaBA Supervision:

Providing supervision for potential BCBAs that encompasses the knowledge of the dark history of ABA, the continued problems with ABA and how to think critically and flexibly when using behavior analytical principals with families and in the disability community and in life in general.

Note: we are working hard to make services accessible and generally hold anti-capitalist views and want to work towards a gift and barter economy. We accept donations and try to keep fees low. If there is a barrier to a service, please reach out so we can troubleshoot.