Community Resources

Developmental Disabilities Administration – DDA has many different services and programs including personal care, respite, employment, residential supports, and much more.

Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network (AWN) – their mission is to provide community, support and resources for Autistic women, girls, nonbinary people, and all others of marginalized genders

Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) “The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN was created to serve as a national grassroots disability rights organization for the autistic community, advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of autistic people are heard in policy debates and the halls of power. Our staff work to advance civil rights, support self-advocacy in all its forms, and improve public perceptions of autism. ASAN’s members and supporters include autistic adults and youth, cross-disability advocates, and non-autistic family members, professionals, educators, and friends.”

Spark Central (Kendall Yards – Spokane) Here you will find various community classes (art, music, etc.) for folks of all abilities

Spokane City Therapeutic Recreation Spokane city parks and recreation department has a great selection of events and classes for folks with developmental disabilities. “Therapeutic Recreation Services strives to provide enjoyable specialized and adaptive recreational activities for individuals with disabilities. Our purpose is to create positive experiences that develop appropriate leisure and social skills in our participants. By developing these skills participants can become increasingly self-confident, courageous, and independent. We want our customers to feel right at home and to make new friends with staff and other participants.”

Every Student Counts“Every Student Counts Alliance was formed to address the reality that Spokane School District students of color with disabilities are disciplined at much higher rates than general education and non-minority students. Members of the community-wide coalition include the American Civil Liberties Union, Arc of Spokane, Spokane Juvenile Public Defenders, TeamChild, Northwest Justice Project, the National Association for Advancement of Colored People and Disability Rights Washington. The coalition also includes parents of students with disabilities and of color, and has supported students who have been affected by disproportionate discipline to contribute and speak at coalition meetings.”

Neurotribes by Steve Silberman this is an excellent book that takes a look at the history of autism and the failings of the professionals who purport to help autistics.

PAVE (Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment) PAVE’s Mission is to be a parent organization dedicated to providing support, advocacy, training, ad informational resources to empower families and individuals with disabilities.

TeamChild Spokane They provide legal help, advocacy and work for policy change. “TeamChild believes that young people will thrive when they are surrounded by people who care about them and can access targeted services that support them. We fight for effective solutions – community-driven strategies that nurture and develop the health and wellbeing of young people, instead of exclusion and incarceration. Achieving our vision requires a bold goal of eliminating the use of youth incarceration across Washington State.”

Sound Options Group Sound Options Group provides free mediation advice via phone for folks getting ready for mediation with their schools

Washington State Parks ADA Map Washington state parks has created a map that allows one to search all Washington state parks based on desired ADA features

Disability Action Center NW (Youth) The Spokane Youth program assists individuals between the ages of 14-21 with disabilities to locate and connect with local resources to help with transitioning towards adulthood. “As an organization run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, DAC provides peer counseling, support, and mentoring. The best advice often comes from those who have already experienced it.”