About Blooming Abilities

At Blooming Abilities, we believe that too often the burden of intervention and change is placed on people who suffer from societal inequality, oppression and injustice. For too long, professionals have allowed ableism to guide their treatment and recommendations when working with disabled people. Through our work, we hope to aid in the development of compassionate, accepting communities for all people. We believe that individuality, context and mental health should be recognized when working with individuals with developmental disabilities and other diagnoses. We aim to equip children, families and individuals with skills for advocacy, an awareness of self and systemic oppression and an understanding of neurodivergence.

Our mission at Blooming Abilities is to provide high quality services by challenging established norms in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to develop culturally competent interventions with creative integration of contextual behavior science approaches to change the narrative around parenting, disability services and education.

We believe in using a trauma informed approach that uses a critical lens to view how ABA operates within oppressed communities. Self-advocacy is often something only afforded to those with societal privilege. We, as behavioral therapists and advocates, aim to create communities that work against oppression, so people feel safe enough to advocate for their needs.

We do not provide: DTT (discrete trial training), compliance-based instruction, planned to ignore, high numbers of therapy hours.

About our staff